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The Standard Bank Device Store Code of Conduct is a set of commitments which Standard Bank will try to honour, as well as your rights as a customer

Standard Bank commits to:

  • act in a fair, reasonable, responsible and non-discriminatory way at all times
  • display the utmost courtesy and care when dealing with you
  • make sure that our products and services meet the requirements of all laws and licences
  • provide you with information regarding our services and pricing
  • guide you on your communication needs and keep your information confidential
  • refer you to ICASA for your unresolved complaints.

You have the following rights:

  • to be provided with services in a non-discriminatory way and information in your preferred language
  • to choose a service provider
  • to access and query your information held by the service provider.
  • for your information to be kept confidential (unless we are required to disclose it) and not sold to third parties
  • to choose to port your number
  • the right to redress
  • the right to lodge a complaint with ICASA.

Customer care and complaints

To report a complaint, call 135 free from a Standard Bank Mobile SIM or 0801 212 577 from any other network or send us an email on [email protected]

If your complaint is unresolved, you can refer it to:



Get In Touch

Email: [email protected]
Dial: 135 from your Standard Bank SIM
Phone: 0801 212 577 from a mobile or landline

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